The Cave is no Psychonauts...

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...or so say the critics

"Gilbert has taken the basics of the point-and-click genre and come up with a twist on the formula that makes it a better fit for today's gamer," he says. "Most noticeably, there's no pointing or clicking. This is as much co-operative platform game as single-player puzzler, and the structure and pace have been updated accordingly."
-Dan Whitehead, Eurogamer

"The challenges expand to involve special abilities: the Hillbilly can hold his breath indefinitely, the Time Traveller can warp through walls, and the Scientist can hack computer terminals to unlock doors or control machinery. These powers are useful within each character's own area, but for around half the game's length you'll be making your way through parts of the Cave that all the characters encounter. This means the design of challenges can't rely on you having a particular power available, and so for stretches you'll find yourself forgetting that the abilities even exist."

"The disconnect in time between realising the solution and actually bringing the solution to fruition...frequently feels overlong. In this regard, it can be difficult to really get into a rhythm with The Cave. There is most certainly fun to be had, I just wish its promise of an eminently replayable adventure ultimately proved truer."
-Alex Navarro, Giant Bomb
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